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daydream society blog

make it: new year's eve party crackers

make it: new year's eve party crackers

this year, we're planning a noon year's eve party for our kiddos...when the clock strikes noon, we'll celebrate with milk and cookies! inspired by our happy everything collection, we thought it would be super fun to make some festive confetti-filled party crackers for our littles to pop open at noon!


diy cracker materials



cut a piece of crepe paper 4 inches longer than the cardboard tube on each side, and wide enough to wrap around the cardboard tube with about 1/2 inch of overlap. cut a slit in the center of the cardboard tube about halfway around to make it easier to break open.


wrap crepe paper around the tube and secure with hot glue. tie off one end with twine and fill with confetti. once the tube is filled, tie off the remaining end.

diy cracker - step 2


decorate each end of the tube with tissue festooning and secure with hot glue. you're ready to celebrate!

diy cracker instructions - step 3

all the things: bright + bold hanukkah

all the things: bright + bold hanukkah

we're so excited that we've introduced our very first hanukkah collection this year, festival of lights by jordan sondler! to celebrate, we're rounding up all of our favorite items for a bright and bold hanukkah celebration!

1. festival of lights small plates

2. frenchie striped cups in cobalt

3. star of david candy kabob

4. wooden dreidel set

5. frenchie striped napkins in cobalt

6. hanukkah sparklettes

7. milk chocolate gelt coins

8. happy hanukkah felt garland

9. trace menorah

10. festival of lights sticker set

11. festival of lights nail stickers

all the things: thanksgiving kids table

all the things: thanksgiving kids table

since thanksgiving is right around the corner, today we're serving up all of our favorite things to create a cute and festive thanksgiving kids table!

1. frenchie striped large plates in gold foil

2. frenchie striped cups in gold foil

3. turkey napkins

4. thankful wool felt banner

5. brilliant bee crayons

6. turkey coloring placemats

7. salted caramel pumpkin pie pops

8. turkey crackers

9. i am thankful card set

make it: googly eye party backdrop

make it: googly eye party backdrop

this diy party backdrop by rebecca thuss has been a long-time favorite of when we launched our new eyeball plates, we thought it would be fun to use them to create a totally eye-catching backdrop of our own! this backdrop would be so perfect to use as a photo or table backdrop for halloween or a monsters party!


materials: plates, 1" binder rings, hole punch, scissors, ruler


    STEP 1

    to make a template, cut away the rim of an eyeball plate and fold in half to form a crease. unfold and punch two holes along the crease, 1/4” away from each edge.

    step 1: make template

    STEP 2

    use the template created in step 1 as a guide to punch holes in remaining plates, making sure to vary the placement of the holes so the eyeballs are oriented in different directions.

    STEP 3

    connect plates using 1” binder rings so they form chains measuring the desired length of the backdrop. use string and tape to hang, staggering the starting height of every other chain so the plates nest together!

    step 3: connect with binder rings 

    STEP 4

    time to party!

    step 4: time to party! 


    diy tutorial by olivia inman

    all the things: sweet princess party

    all the things: sweet princess party

    there's nothing sweeter than a princess party! in this post, we've rounded up all of our favorite things to create a perfectly pink celebration that's fit for a princess!

    1. sweet princess large plates

    2. sweet princess cups

    3. golden star sparkler wand

    4. glitter crown headband

    5. frenchie striped large napkins in gold foil

    6. deluxe princess surprise ball

    7. princess castle cake topper

    8. sweet princess temporary tattoos

    9. princess artisan confetti

    10. pink ombré tall beeswax party candles

    11. heart balloons

    12. fairy tale royalty online invitation

    all the things: stellar galaxy party

    all the things: stellar galaxy party

    we're all starry-eyed over all things galaxy! in this post, we've curated a universe of stellar items to create a galaxy party that's out of this world!

    1. cosmic large napkins

    2. galactic cups

    3. mylar moon balloon

    4. galaxy twinkle sprinkle medley

    5. galactic large plates

    6. cosmic glow in the dark stars + planets

    7. galactic confetti pack

    8. astronaut freeze-dried ice cream

    9. space patch set

    10. stars + moons treat toppers

    11. mini disco balls

    12. galactic classic balloons

    13. cosmic temporary tattoos

    all the things: colorful emoji party

    all the things: colorful emoji party

    omg! we're feeling all the feelings for the emoji party theme, especially when paired with a splash of color. in today's post, we've rounded up some of our favorite items to create a colorful emoji party!

    1. multicolor party confetti bag

    2. emoji temporary tattoos

    3. emoji border digital invitation

    4. sparkly heart emoji balloon

    5. emoji lollipops

    6. emoji small plates

    7. smiley face treat toppers

    8. emoji large napkins

    9. frenchie striped cups in ink

    10. multicolor jumbo confetti balloon

    all the things: tropical flamingo party

    all the things: tropical flamingo party

    when it comes to a flamingo party, we love mixing in a heavy dose of the tropics! in this post, we've gathered our favorite items to create a tropical flamingo party. time to flamingle!

    1. french drink umbrellas

    2. tropicale cups

    3. frenchie striped napkins in blush

    4. tropicale temporary tattoos

    5. flamingo piñata

    6. tropicale small plates

    7. pink flamingo gummies

    8. flamingo sprinkles invitation

    9. candy classic balloons

    10. jungle confetti

    11. flamingo fascinator headband

    all the things: modern dinosaur party

    all the things: modern dinosaur party

    ready to roar? we love a dino party that is full of bold graphics and pops of color, so we've pulled together all the things you need to create our take on a modern dinosaur party!

    1. t-rex balloon

    2. dinomite temporary tattoos

    3. dinosaur grow eggs

    4. windowpane glassine treat bags

    5. dinosaur figures

    6. frenchie striped large napkins in ink

    7. dinomite cups

    8. sophie the planted apatosaurus

    9. dinomite small plates

    10. dino-roar balloon mix

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