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Little miss mischief is here! Introducing Eloise x Daydream Society!



Alley is an illustrator, engineer, and dessert enthusiast. She has lived in Massachusetts her whole life and currently resides in the quaint, collegiate town of Amherst. Her greatest influences are mid-century design and illustration, concept and background artwork from early animated Disney movies and Victorian interiors and exteriors. she works mainly in watercolor, ink and digital media.

Alyx House is the designer and creator over at made by Alyx, a petite design studio specializing in hand-lettering, illustration, and pattern design. She is currently living in a tiny beach town in South Orange County, California with her husband, son, and their Boston Terrier!

Together Morgan Georgie & Carrie Kiefer make up Ampersand Design Studio, the wildly fun Kansas City based art and design partnership. Carrie and Morgan’s combined style is modern, artful and always colorful!

It’s life in the midwest, their kids’ imaginations, and their own long-time friendship that inspire ampersand’s unique designs.

Carolyn’s illustrations celebrate joy and diversity in human experience with bright color, playful patterns, animal pals, and a dose of humor. She uses the reach of her art in her activism, supporting female empowerment, human rights, and voter engagement. Carolyn has also owned a successful greeting card business for the past 7 years. her cheerful cards are sold from Australia to Japan...and of course, all across the USA! Carolyn also likes to move her hands around when she speaks.

as a child emily would wander her family's wildflower prairie, pressing queen anne's lace flowers against her cheeks, pretending they were powder brushes. memories of how it felt to be that child hold firm in her daily life, lending inspiration to her hand-painted works. she lives and creates from her studio in the Hudson Valley, just north of NYC. 

Hello!Lucky is a San Francisco based design studio founded in 2003 by sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle. Their playful and punny designs have reeled in numerous awards and have been spotted in retailers like Paperless Post, Paper Source, Urban Outfitters, museum stores and boutiques worldwide. When they’re not anthropomorphizing everything from bananas to unicorns, they're busy hanging with their kids and making things.

Jordan is an illustrator living in New York city with her Pomeranian, Ramona. Her work spans digital, print and three dimensional forms, with a particular interest in pattern and map making. Jordan has a penchant for German candy, tending to her plants, and collecting soul records.

Based out of Brooklyn, Lillian is a free-form and free-spirited artist with a love for all things playful and expressive. Pulling inspiration from colors found in life and nature, she adds her own twist and perspective to each aspect of her work. In addition to collaborating with a variety of leading brands, Lillian is best known for her gorgeous line of hand-painted leather accessories.

Lindsey is an illustrator based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. She lives with her husband, son, and their grumpy black and white Shih Tzu. She enjoys drawing, spin class, and making cute products for her shop. Her work has been featured by clients such as Toyota, Warby Parker, and Brandless. When Lindsey has free time, she likes checking out new coffee shops and taste-testing their pastries.

Cubeely Paris is an illustration brand founded by Sarah Betz in the scenic area of

Montmartre in Paris. Originally from Germany, Sarah moved to France after her studies to debark on her design career. Her illustration brand cubeely is all about sweet, cheerful artwork with

a focus on the baby and kid's market. Sarah's trademark style quickly became a huge success and thanks to

her licensing partnerships her designs are now manufactured and distributed all over the world. When she's not drawing, Sarah enjoys traveling, being in nature and discovering art galleries.

Sarah Jane is a children's book illustrator and textile designer. She is the co-author and illustrator of the picture book series Lola Dutch as well as more books for children and adults alike. She designs textiles for quilters and clothing designers through Michael Miller fabrics and you can find her work on her website. She lives with her husband and 4 children in beautiful Connecticut.